• November 30, 2021

Crypto Coins video game control video game

A video game developer in Russia has posted a video game that lets players control the movement of their avatar’s head, arms and legs.In the game, the player has a camera on their head, and is able to shoot their avatar in various ways, like spinning their arms or moving their body.The developers of the…

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Video games are a huge distraction

Video games, a hugely popular pastime for many people, are no longer an important source of entertainment for most adults, according to a new study.The findings, published in the Journal of Health Psychology, show that even those who use video games regularly still don’t enjoy them, despite a large amount of media advertising around the…

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How to Play Belle Delphine in the Browser

This article was originally published on January 20, 2018.Follow Bleacher on Twitter for more news and updates.The Belle Delphi video, from the Disney animated feature Belle and the Beast, was a hit at the time, and it was followed by a series of sequels and spinoffs.But the original, which aired in 1999, remains one of…

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