• August 1, 2021

When porn was banned, Japanese men took advantage of new tech

Japanese men have long been masters of the voyeurism video game, and now, in 2017, they’re using the same technology to find out what women are thinking.The Japanese version of the popular dating site Bing Video has launched a series of videos that feature women playing games, talking, and looking at naked women.These videos are…

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How to use Bing video to connect with your fans and find your next fans

The next step for me is to build a following, and that’s where video is going to come in handy.As the head of a marketing agency, I want to build up my audience.The next logical step for this is to develop a video marketing strategy.It’s no secret that video marketing is going through a major…

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AUBREY VIDEOS is a new video site in the bing-video business

AUBRESSEY VIDEOS was launched in December 2014 as a bing video-sharing site.The site, which is now defunct, allowed people to upload video clips to BING and download them.The bing version of the site had a feature called “video playback,” where people could record videos and upload them to Bing, where they could be played on…

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