• June 19, 2021

Why Japan’s porn industry is booming

A decade ago, Japan’s sex industry was dying.In 2013, Japan was ranked third among the world’s top ten countries for the number of sex workers, according to a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).But a new generation of pornographers are finding their way to the country.Today, Japan has more than 400,000 porn sites, with more…

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Why free porn is so hard to find?

Why free sex videos are harder to find than any other video, a former porn star has told the Financial Post.Free sex videos, especially the ones you get through YouTube, are not easy to find and have been making a comeback. One of the biggest problems is that they are not well-made.They don’t look like porn,…

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Why this skaijackson video is so addictive: The first video of this man is like watching a movie

Skaijackon is the most famous skaijaxon video on YouTube, and it’s one of the most popular videos on the video sharing site.It’s a video of a man getting in a car with a woman and driving off.Skaijakons have been making the rounds in the South China Sea for years.It started out as a video by…

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How to play the next great Nintendo game in 2016

The Nintendo Switch is a massive step forward for gaming, and while it might not be the next console to take over the world, it certainly offers the best of the best.That’s what we’re hoping for with our year-end review of the new Nintendo console.We’ll be reviewing each system in its own way, but this…

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Teen porn videos: What to watch from our teen porn videos collection

In 2014, I watched a video called “I’m So Cute!” in which a 17-year-old girl is seen making out with her best friend while a stranger takes pictures of her.That video quickly went viral and was soon picked up by sites like Reddit and Tumblr.Now, I’ve got the chance to watch some of my favorite…

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