• November 2, 2021

Jamal Murray, YouTube Kids’ videos on horror, horror movies, and more: A look at some of their most recent YouTube videos

ESPN Crikey staff writer Jamal Murrey was the first person to bring to light the existence of YouTube Kids, a YouTube channel devoted to children’s videos and horror movies.

In his latest post, Murray detailed his experience of discovering the channel and its many channels and their contents, and how the videos have changed over the years.

While many of Murray’s comments and observations were quite clear, he also provided some insight into how YouTube Kids operates and why it is a valuable resource for people like him.

First off, Murrey says that he was never a big fan of the channel, despite being a big YouTube fan.

“I don’t really like the channel,” he says.

“I think they’re a bit creepy.

I think they do a lot of really bad stuff.

The stuff that they do is really creepy, and I don’t think it’s funny.”

Murrey explains that the channel has grown to be an “awesome resource for parents and kids” and is not afraid to show off its “fun, creepy, funny and weird” content to anyone who will watch.

“The videos that I’ve seen are so awesome, and they’re really fun, and there’s really nothing scary about them,” he said.

“And the content that I have seen is so cool that it makes me laugh.

That’s really what the channel is about, really.”

Murray has been a member of YouTube for two years, and says that his YouTube channel is “the place where I have a lot more time for my family” as well as his own business.

Murray has an extensive YouTube channel, which is filled with “videos about stuff that interests me,” and “some really cool stuff” that is “fun to watch and really scary, and that’s what I’m really into.”

Murray is also a member and regular contributor to The Best Horror Movies of All Time, which has been viewed more than 5 million times.

Murrey’s first foray into horror was in 2009, when he decided to start a YouTube series called “The Creepy Mommy” that would delve into various horror films.

Murrey explains his inspiration to start the channel was that he had just witnessed a creepy horror movie for the first time in his life and that he felt like he had “to give back to the genre.”

“I think that I was like, ‘I want to see what it’s like to be scared in real life,'” Murrey said.

Murray says that the videos are “very funny,” but not for the reasons you might think.

“You don’t know what’s going on in them,” Murrey explained.

“You don, and if you watch them, you’re just like, [w]hile I’m watching these videos, I’m not going to know that anything is really happening.

And it’s really not like you’re watching a scary movie that you’re scared of.

You’re just watching a really funny video that’s just kind of funny.”

The videos, which have featured the likes of Bill Murray, John C. Reilly, and many more, have garnered an impressive following.

Murry’s channel has been the subject of numerous viral YouTube videos, including a “surprise” Halloween surprise video that has been watched more than 9 million times, and a “secret Halloween party” that has garnered more than 3.8 million views.

Murry’s videos often contain a touch of creepy humour and the channel also has videos on “things like the best creepy horror movies and the best horror movies of all time,” among others.

Murre also explains that he has been able to keep his YouTube Channel relatively “clean” for now, and doesn’t think that it is necessarily an issue for his fans.

“There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of YouTube, so I don�t really have a ton of negative things to say about it,” Murray said.

“In the end, the people that watch my videos are people that are watching my videos.

They like them, and the content is great.”

Murry hopes that YouTube Kids will continue to be a valuable tool for kids and their parents, as he hopes that other content creators will follow his lead.

“If they want to keep my channel as safe as possible, and not just a fun place to watch my stuff, then that would be great,” Murry said.


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