• October 14, 2021

What’s happening with adult video chats in the US?

The United States has begun to take a more active role in enforcing the country’s copyright laws, with the Copyright Office issuing notices to some of the countrys largest online video service providers.

In addition to the new law, the Copyright office also issued notices to several streaming sites, including Netflix and Hulu, and several streaming apps.

The notices, which include links to the copyright office website, were sent to sites on Tuesday.

The Copyright Office did not respond to a request for comment on whether it has issued any such notices to streaming services.

The agency said in a statement that it “has received more than 100 complaints about the alleged violation of the laws against online pornography, and has opened an investigation.”

The Copyright office did not provide further details on the complaints or how the complaints were handled.

A representative from Netflix did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for a comment.

The notice sent by the Copyright czar’s office did include a link to a public filing in which the Copyright agency said it would not file any lawsuits.

That filing is a list of individuals that it believes are violating copyright laws by sharing sexually explicit material online, but it did not detail how it determined the individuals were infringing.

The filing says that in the past year, “law enforcement agencies have identified more than 1,000 people in the United States who have violated the law by sharing sexual images, videos, or other materials on the Internet.”

Netflix did NOT respond to our request for comments.

The Federal Trade Commission did not directly comment on the issue, but a spokesperson said in an email that it has “taken a number of enforcement actions to protect consumers and creators from online copyright infringement, including a new rule that will require online platforms to remove sexually explicit content from their platforms.”

The FCC said that it is taking enforcement actions in response to the notice, but the agency declined to say how many cases it is pursuing or how many individuals it is considering to be subject to enforcement actions.

The FCC does not have a specific policy on copyright infringement.

It noted that it did “not identify any individuals who were found to be engaged in these practices” and did not address whether the agency was taking action against any individual.


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