• October 8, 2021

A woman’s story about her sexual assault

A new video on the sexual assault of a woman in Florida has sparked a social media debate, with women sharing their own stories.

A woman named Nicole Breslin is the subject of the video, which appears to show her in a hospital bed as she is repeatedly sexually assaulted by an unknown man.

She says she has had several unwanted sexual encounters and has endured physical, emotional, and financial damage.

In the video Nicole Bleslin says she was raped in 2006.

She claims she was attacked while waiting for a bus at a stop on Interstate 85 in Tampa, Florida, and that her attacker was a friend of her mother.

She said she was driving home from a bar in downtown Tampa when she got off the bus, and her assailant came up to her.

He then raped her.

She says she immediately told the driver that she was drunk and that he should stop the bus.

She later says she did not see him again.

Nicole Blesline says she went to the hospital to report the rape and later that night, she went home and woke up to find her attacker in bed with her.

She told her boyfriend that she had been raped.

Nicoles family member said she called 911 on behalf of Nicole Brelins family members and told the dispatcher the suspect was still in bed.

The dispatcher did not call for an ambulance, and Nicole Balsens mother did not want her daughter to be rushed to the emergency room.

According to Nicole Bslin, the next morning she was awake and asked her boyfriend if he had any identification.

He said no.

She asked him if he knew her mother, who was still at work at the bar, and he said no, but that she did.

Nicola Blesliner says that she woke up in the middle of the night and realized her attacker had left the room.

She went into her bedroom, got on her bed, and went to bed.

She was able to crawl out of bed and was able get up and get dressed, but her attacker came in the room and raped her again.

Her boyfriend called the police, and she says she asked them if they could check for fingerprints, but they said they could not.

She then called her mother and told her the police were there.

She tells the dispatcher she did call 911 on the night of the attack, but was told it was a “deliberate hoax.”

The Tampa Bay Times said it has obtained an audio recording of the 911 call.

The audio includes the voice of the man who answered the call and the woman who is heard saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get you to come back.”

The woman’s voice also sounds like she’s talking about her mother who was at work the night the attack happened.

The Tampa police department said in a statement that it has investigated the 911 calls and determined there was no credible threat of harm.

The man who responded to the 911 phone calls has not been identified.

Nicolas family member says she told the 911 dispatcher her attacker is a friend, and the dispatcher replied, “What are you talking about?”

The woman says she then says, “Why are you asking me?”

The dispatcher said the man told her to leave her son alone, and when Nicole Beslin said she could not, the dispatcher told her that it was the boyfriend who had left her son with the man.

Nicoly Bsliner told the Tampa Bay Herald that her mother asked her to call the police when she returned home from work and that she said, “They’re going to find the perpetrator.”

Nicole said the boyfriend had threatened her that she would be arrested if she did so, and was upset because she had reported the alleged assault.

Nicol Bsline says her mother did a lot of things that made her want to call 911, but she was afraid.

She wanted to report it to the police so that she could be protected, and to protect her son, she said.


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