• September 30, 2021

When Blippi’s video of her husband kissing her in the kitchen goes viral, she’s outraged

Blippi was recently asked by a stranger to kiss her husband in the bedroom.

“I was in shock,” Blippi said.

“And I was so happy and so nervous.

It was a very exciting moment.

I think I just got the answer that I wanted.”

Blippi was asked by the stranger if she would like to kiss his husband.

“Yeah, I would,” Blipps reply.

“He didn’t even react.

It just felt like he was waiting for me to say it.””

So he was just waiting for my reaction?” the man asked.”

That was exactly what I was hoping for,” Blips response was.”

What do you want?””

I just want to kiss him.””

What are you hoping for?””

For him to kiss me,” Blippy replied.”

You are asking me to kiss someone else.””

I am.

I just want him to do that to me.””

Is that okay with you?””


Do you think you can kiss him?””

That is absolutely what I want.””

He does not want you to kiss anybody else.”

Blipps husband, Blippi, had been on a break from his job as a chef to get away from her husband.

Blippi said she felt like she was being cheated.

“The person that was supposed to be my best friend, my confidante, just left me and went and took their job,” she said.

“It is just so sad and frustrating and I feel like I’m just being lied to.”

So I just wanted to be able to be honest with him and tell him what really happened.

“Blipis husband left her for another man after she told him about Blippis sexual assault.”

It was just so hard to tell him that we had done this and that I felt so bad about it,” Blipi said.

But after a short while, Blipp said, the relationship started to turn.”

A short time later, Blipis contacted the local police.””

He was in a relationship with another woman, and that is the last time I saw him.”

A short time later, Blipis contacted the local police.

“My husband and I have been married for eight years,” she explained.

“We are good, strong, stable people.”

The woman who allegedly raped Blippi told police that she and Blipp were married for 12 years.

“Blippi did not have sex with the accused,” said Sgt. Mark Pecora with the B.C. RCMP.

“But they were having sex in the back of her van.”

Blips wife is now trying to find closure and a resolution for her husband, but she said the man is still in prison.

“We just feel that he is going to stay in jail and that’s what’s really upsetting,” she added.

“For us, it’s about getting closure and the truth for our children and our kids’ future.

That’s what we want.”

For Blippi and her family, the ordeal has only been an ongoing struggle.

“There’s no closure for us,” she stated.

“The family’s gone through so much.

We’ve been on the streets, we’ve been through everything.””

We’ve had to have surgeries, we’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to get by, because we don’t have any money.”


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