• September 24, 2021

Google Google Hangouts is finally getting a new UI update

Posted by TechRadar on May 18, 2018 08:49:57A Google Hangout app for Android and iOS has finally arrived.

In its new design, the app is much cleaner, less cluttered and more comfortable to use.

The app can now be opened in a new tab and you can choose to open the app in a tab, or split it into multiple tabs for offline viewing.

It is a welcome addition to Hangouts, the popular voice chat application which was launched in 2016 and has since grown to more than 100 million users across a number of platforms.

The redesign makes it easier to get started with Hangouts and it also makes it much more comfortable for people with different needs.

Google says it has worked closely with its partners and has created a user experience that is more consistent and user-friendly.

The new Google HangOut UI brings the app to life as a tab bar, making it easier for people to access and tap to open an app.

The icon of the app, a white square with a small Google logo at the top, is now larger and much clearer.

You can now swipe left and right to open tabs, and the app has a new “Add To Favorites” option which makes it easy to add new conversations to your personal collection.

The search bar has also been tweaked, giving more context to the searches you type in.

There are also a few new features.

A new Google Play Music search bar will let you browse and add songs to your music library.

There is also a new search widget that lets you search for people or events you have a connection to.

Google also says it is adding new Google+ features to the app over time.

Google Plus now includes an “Add to Calendar” section and a “Discover Things” section, which will allow you to find a person or event you are looking for.

“These are the kinds of changes that make us excited about how Hangouts continues to grow in the years to come,” said Johnathan Gee, general manager for Google Apps, in a statement.


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