• September 23, 2021

Which shows are the funniest?

A new series on the BBC called Brazzers has been made for kids, with jokes and lighthearted moments set against a backdrop of pop music.

In the first episode, a girl is watching a Brazzer video of a boy dressed as a princess.

“It’s pretty funny,” she says.

She then turns to the girl’s brother and says, “That’s so cool, it’s like you’re going to the movie with him.”

The two brothers laugh, and when the girl says she doesn’t like the princess look, she replies, “I don’t like princesses, you know?”

The sisters are friends of the girls, and the two girls then share a Brazzle video.

In another Brazz.

The boys laugh, as do the girls.

But in a different Brazzle, the girls are having a little fun.

They tell the boy’s brother that he looks pretty cute when he’s wearing a princess dress.

It’s all part of the Brazzing, the show, which is produced by the BBC in collaboration with US internet sensation and child-friendly comedian Justin Bieber.

On his website, Bieber writes that he is an entertainer who loves to make videos for children, and has created more than 80 Brazzs.

He describes his first Brazz as “a big ol’ hug for my little brother.”

“I have a thing for princesses,” he says.

“The girls and I loved watching him dress up as the princess.

I would always watch the videos with my brother.

He is the best.

We are both very excited about it.”

Brazzers, which premieres on the iPlayer on Monday, follows the lives of six Brazzlers from a group of young women who have a love of watching clips on YouTube.

One of the sisters, Lucy, says the videos have given her a greater appreciation of how the internet can be used for good.

Lucy is from the UK, and grew up on the UK side of the pond, where she says she is still very much influenced by the UK culture and its internet-savvy, internet-loving fans.

“[YouTube] is so much fun,” she said.

“I love it.

It gives me so much free time.”

And I love that people love watching my videos.

I love being able to bring people into my videos.

“She has also been inspired by the success of her sister, who is currently filming Brazz in America.

Brazzer’s original series is available on YouTube and is now available in the UK as well as Australia and New Zealand.

We were like, ‘What is Brazz’?” Lucy says.


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