• September 23, 2021

My pet cat is a lesbian, she wants a baby

My pet cats love to get wet, so I have a pet for her.

They are also very playful and like to lick up my fur.

I was so happy when I was given this kitten.

She has been adopted by a couple who named her, Lily.

They have adopted the kittens from the Cat & Dog adoption agency in Florida.

They will be adopting all of their kittens.

Lily is a 5-year-old cat with a long, fluffy coat.

She is one of the more playful cats I have ever seen.

Lily loves to lick me up.

I will admit that she doesn’t always have the best disposition, but I always feel safe and warm when she is around me.

Lily has also had some very sweet moments with me.

She will even play with my hand, and sometimes she will hold my hand.

When I am sad, she will cry and rub her head on my shoulder.

She also enjoys licking my fur, which is great for me as I have fur on my arm and legs.

Lily also has a really big smile.

She loves to play with toys and get her tummy full.

She just needs a bit of love.


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