• September 16, 2021

LeBron James says he’ll never forget ‘the moment’ of being hit in the back of the head by James’ helmet

The Cavs superstar has told a fan at his home in New Jersey that he’ll forever be remembered for the “moment” he suffered when he was hit in his head by LeBron James’ protective headgear.

In a video released by LeBron’s team on Friday, James said he felt like he was “in the hospital for a couple days” after the incident.

“It was one of those things that you know that you just get better at, but it’s still hard to look at it,” James said.

The Cavs star is in a coma and will undergo a CT scan in the coming days to determine the exact injury.

“That’s a tough one because it was a really good hit,” James told the crowd of fans who had gathered to support the team.

A video posted to Twitter by James shows the Cavs star sitting on a chair in the background, smiling as he appears to be talking to a TV crew.

It is unclear if the video was taken by James, who was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers when the incident occurred.

James suffered a concussion in Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals and was taken to a hospital after being hit by James in the face with the protective mask.

James, whose helmet was damaged in the collision, later admitted that he thought his helmet had been knocked off by the impact.

Despite James’ admission, the Cavs said on Friday that they were unaware of the severity of the concussion.

While James has not yet fully recovered, the 32-year-old has shown that he is able to step back from the sport, leading to speculation that he might consider retiring.


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