• September 11, 2021

How to watch the Oscars 2017 on Netflix

In an industry that is increasingly moving to the digital era, Netflix is betting big on a streaming service that it hopes will revolutionize the moviegoing experience.

Netflix will begin rolling out streaming movies on December 31 and will allow viewers to watch all of its content online for free.

The streaming service is launching the service in three tiers, starting with $7.99 per month, $10.99, and $15.99.

The company says that it has received over 100,000 submissions for the tiers.

Netflix has partnered with Warner Bros. and the Weinstein Company to stream movies and TV shows from all three studios.

Netflix is also releasing a collection of TV series from the studios including The Killing, Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Veep, Orange is the New Gold, Daredevil, and House of Lies.

The service is expected to launch in December and will be available in all of Netflix’s major U.S. territories.

The rollout of Netflix will not happen overnight.

Netflix, like Amazon Prime Video, is looking to build an ecosystem around content, but the service has yet to announce pricing or launch dates for the new tier.

Netflix plans to begin rolling its new service out to U.K. subscribers on Monday, December 15.

We’re excited to be joining Netflix in the United Kingdom to begin the rollout.


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