• September 2, 2021

When The Market Will Go to Sleep: The Rise of ‘The Biggest Market In The World’

The year was 2021. 

The world had just entered the worst economic crisis in living memory, and it was still going to be hell for the next few years. 

And it was going to get even worse. 

“It was very scary,” says Paul, a 28-year-old father of two who was the sole breadwinner.

“I was in a lot of financial trouble and I was worried I would never make it.

I was also in a real bad place financially, so I was really depressed and really anxious about it. 

But it didn’t matter.

I didn’t think I was going home. 

I had no plan, I had no clue what was going on.

I had been working for six months. 

If I was to get out of this situation, I didn, either.” 

That night, Paul woke up. 

He went to bed, and then went to the bathroom. 

As soon as he came back, he called his wife, who immediately texted him back and said, “This is the first thing you’ll see on the news: a truckload of people are going to kill you.” 

It was the day after the first big crash. 

Paul was the one who’d been on the road. 

After the crash, Paul found himself in the middle of a new crisis. 

There was no one to tell him about it, no one he could call. 

So, as the months went by, Paul would call friends, relatives and family, asking for help. 

It would be helpful. 

His aunt had helped him with his mortgage. 

My dad had helped me with my kids’ education. 

At one point, Paul and his wife went to a gas station to buy gas for their car. 

While the woman was buying the gas, Paul walked out of the gas station and into the street. 

Within a matter of minutes, a group of police officers, including the chief of police, arrived. 

What happened next has been called “The Bigger Picture,” and it’s something that Paul has shared with me many times. 

In the end, the officers left him alone, and that’s when he decided to confront them. 

Predictably, Paul says, the cops weren’t very nice. 

One of them grabbed Paul by the neck, pulled him back into the car, and drove off. 

Police cars surrounded the couple, and they were told to sit on the sidewalk while they tried to negotiate with the officers. 

A lot of the time, they weren’t doing very well. 

They were yelling, and trying to convince the officers to give them a ride. 

Eventually, the couple was able to get a ride home.

But as Paul recalls it, there was a big problem: They didn’t have a car. 

 So they drove down to the nearest car wash, where they were handed their car keys. 

Then they had to wait in line for a cab. 

Inside the car wash parking lot, they had a hard time finding a cab to take them home.

So they tried another time and another time. 

Finally, they got a cab, and after a while they got home.

But that’s not what they thought was going happen. 

Instead, the police officers told them to go to a store and get their driver’s license. 

That was it.

They weren’t allowed to leave the store. 

Even though they had an old, rusty car, Paul remembers, they were given the keys to the car they didn’t own. 

All of a sudden, they couldn’t drive their car to the dealership. 

When they asked the dealership for a driver’s licence, they heard the same thing: “The driver’s name is not on this record.

The driver’s driver’s permit is expired.” 

So the cops said, “What’s your name?

You’re not allowed to go anywhere in this parking lot.” 

They said this to Paul and told him that if he didn’t get his license, he wouldn’t be able to drive to his wife’s house. 

According to Paul, he then started crying. 


Because the officers were threatening him with violence. 

How could he go home and be arrested for having a car with a bad driver’s record? 

Paul didn’t want to do it.

But he couldn’t go back to work, either. 

Plus, he didn. 

(The couple’s next job was a bank branch, and their next move was a job as a barista. 

We’ll call them “The Little People.” 

“There are many, many people like you,” one of the officers told Paul as he handed him his driver’s licenses.) 

So Paul went back to the store and asked the barista to take him home.

He waited in line with


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