• August 20, 2021

How to make your own video game controller with the Raspberry Pi

I made my own Raspberry Pi controller for use with my game, and it turned out great! 

I found out how to make a Raspberry Pi video game pad, and I’ll show you how.

It’s super simple. 

If you want to make one yourself, check out the instructions on this page. 

 Raspberry Pi video games¶ The Raspberry Pi has the same hardware as a PC, but the programming interface is slightly different. 

You can see that on this image. 

Raspbian is an operating system that’s a subset of Linux.

It doesn’t run natively on a PC. 

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based microcomputer, with a single-core processor and 512KB of RAM. 

There’s no Ethernet or USB ports, so you can’t plug an external display.

The Raspberry PI has 32GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB of storage, a single USB port, and two HDMI ports.

The main processor is a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9. 

If you don’t want to solder anything to your Raspberry Pi, you can buy one at Amazon or eBay. 

First things first¶ You need to connect a Raspberry PI to a computer.

The easiest way to do this is to buy a USB stick with a Raspberry Pis serial port. 

In order to use the Raspberry PI controller with your game, you need to first install the Raspbian operating system on your Raspberry PI. 

When you plug in your USB stick, the Raspberry Pis computer automatically opens the console and reads its commands. 

To access the console, you’ll need to open the console’s menu and select Terminal from the list.

You’ll need a terminal emulator and an emulator like emmc to use it. 

For my game (a 2D game called “Aperture”, created by Chris Clark ), I created a script called emmc_start_game which is located in ~/bin.

I then copied the file to ~/bin/emmc_init and then created an emmc file. 

Then I opened emmc in the console by typing in emmc and then pressing enter. 

Once you’ve opened emmcd, you should see a window like the one shown here. 

Select the console to see your game’s menu. 

This is the game’s main menu.

Select the menu that says Game. 

Next, click on “System”. 

This will open a window similar to this one. 

Tap the “More” button to see a list of system settings. 

After clicking on the “Console” tab, you will see the following window. 

On this screen, select “Raspberry PI”, then click on the button next to “Connecting to the Pi”. 

You will see an icon in the upper right corner that says “Connect”. 

Now, connect your Raspberry Pis USB stick to the computer’s serial port and then press the “Connect” button. 

As you do so, your game will appear on your computer’s screen. 

Make sure you press the buttons as you are doing it to ensure the Pi’s serial interface is recognized. 

I recommend putting the Raspberry pi into standby mode and allowing the computer to power on. 

That way, when you press “Connect”, the game will run in the background, waiting for your commands to come in. 

Try it out¶ The game is available to play in your browser and on your phone or tablet. 

It’s not quite perfect. 

One thing you can do is to use a program like RaspBits that makes it easier to program your own game controller. 

Just click on this link. 

Follow the instructions to get the game started. 

Note that I’m using the RaspberryPi as a testbed for this project.

If you use a different computer or have a different Raspberry Pi model, you might find that some features work better with the Pi than others. 

Download the Rpi controller¶ The RaspPi controller is a simple application that lets you control the camera by pressing a button.

It uses a simple Arduino library, so it should be pretty straightforward to adapt to your own needs. 

Start with a blank Pi: You’ll need the following: An Arduino Uno (I used a Pi 2B+)   A USB-C cable (or whatever USB-A cable you like) A Micro SD card A Raspberry Pi Pi Zero W or Zero B (or any other microcontroller with an ARM Cortex A9 processor) You should be able to buy an Uno or Zero or other Microcontroller from Amazon. 

Connect the microcontroller to the microSD card, and connect the Arduino’s serial cable to the SD card. 

Insert the SD Card into the Pi. 

Open a terminal window and type the following to start the Pi, which will give you access to your local network and access to the Raspberry device


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