• August 16, 2021

Video compression company FLYZ Media joins CBC News video network as partner for video coverage

FLYZA Media has signed a deal to build a video production facility in Calgary to serve as a hub for video production services.FLYZA will provide video production software, services and technical support to the Calgary-based company, which has a total of about 150 employees.FLZ Media has been building video production equipment for video clients in the U.S. and in Canada since 2008.

It has been expanding internationally with the launch of its Calgary production facility earlier this year.FLZA Media CEO Joe Zielinski said in a statement that Calgary will be the ideal location for its production facility.FLYINGZ Media CEO Steve Dabney said in an interview with CBC News the company will offer a wide range of video production tools to clients in Canada and the U:”Video is our number one revenue stream in Canada,” said Dabneys, who also chairs the Calgary board of directors.

“It’s also where we can grow our business in terms of our clients and our staff and we’re excited about Calgary.”

Calgary is the ideal place to build our facility, as we’re in a very mature industry, and Calgary is an ideal place for a production facility.

“The Calgary-area company also announced a deal with B.C.-based Videostar to expand its video production capabilities.

It will add video editing capabilities to its existing video-production services and support services in Calgary.FLYDRA is a Canadian subsidiary of FlyZA Media, which is a video-processing company that has been in business since 1984.

It offers services to film, television, broadcast and online companies.

The Calgary company is headquartered in Calgary and has offices in Toronto, London, London and Vancouver.


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