• August 16, 2021

How to Get Rid of Your Ex: How to Be More Creative, More Vicious, More Creative with Your Ex by Sarah Tew/BizPac Review

“This is a story about love, love, and love again.

This is a love story that’s a love and love story, and I want you to understand that,” says Rachel L. White, who writes the blog I Am a Woman with a Thousand Voices.

The book is an intimate look at how people cope with exes.

But it also explores what happens when we’re in love again, and how to take that love to the next level.

In this exclusive excerpt, White explains how to make your relationship with your ex a loving one.

“Love is a strange beast,” White tells BizPac.

“It’s not a binary of ‘I love him’ or ‘I don’t love him,’ it’s a spectrum of love, but you can only express that love through your relationship.”

This excerpt is from I Am A Woman with One Thousand Voices: A Woman’s Guide to Being a Woman and Being a Female by Sarah White, and it comes with a $49.95 paperback.


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