• August 9, 2021

How to spot the scammer in the crowd

1 / 1 The video posted online by a Canadian man who claims to be a victim of a fake-news story shows him and a friend posing for photos in the street with a fake Twitter account.

The account is registered to the same person.

The photo is taken at a Toronto bar and the man, dressed in a black t-shirt and black jeans, has his head in the background.

The next screen shows the photo taken at an outdoor table in the restaurant next door.

A picture of a woman, wearing a white shirt, black jeans and black boots, appears.

The person behind the account says, “I’ve never posted a photo of myself in public, but you guys did it for me.”

The account then posts a photo that appears to show the real photo.

The user says, The best part is that this was my first real social media interaction, I didn’t think it would be this bad, and I had no idea what to do.

The post on the fake account is later deleted.

The same person who posted the photo appears in a video posted on Facebook.

The video also shows the woman wearing the same black shirt and black pants.

The woman appears to be holding a coffee cup and her face is in the frame.

The caption says, This is the account we saw.

The man, who appears to have an English accent, also appears in the video, wearing sunglasses.

The videos have attracted attention online.

Twitter says it will review the videos to determine whether they violate its terms of service.

In the video posted Wednesday, the man says he was the one who posted a fake account in December 2015.

The fake account linked to a story about the murder of two people in Quebec.

It was later taken down by Twitter.

Twitter said it is “working with authorities to investigate the matter.”


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