• August 8, 2021

How to watch naked beach videos on YouTube

It’s no secret that most of us are obsessed with nude beaches.

And while there’s no shortage of porn featuring bikini babes, there are a few things you should be aware of before you go topless in the sand.

There’s no shame in not showing off your legs and you should also be mindful of your body’s comfort level.

Here are some tips to keep your legs clean and your body safe.


You should always wear a bathing suit If you’re going to a beach, wear a long-sleeve shirt and long pants, preferably long enough to cover your butt and chest.

There is no reason to expose yourself to the elements.

You’re a tourist, not a beachgoer, so it’s best to keep yourself hydrated.


Don’t expose yourself in the shower If you do go to the beach, make sure you don’t shower alone.

There are no rules or guidelines as to what constitutes “unwelcome nudity” and even when it does happen, it’s never acceptable.

When you’re in the water, wash your body first with soap and water.


Wear sunscreen Before you go out topless, you should take a good look at your sunscreen and wear it regularly.

It may be hard to see through a sunburn, but you’ll have a better chance of keeping your skin protected.


Wear a bathing cap You may not be able to see your bikini from shore, but if you’re wearing a bathing costume, there’s a good chance it’s going to be visible.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with a bikini, you’ll want to wear a protective cap for the water.


Don´t be afraid to ask for help While there are no laws prohibiting nudity on beaches, there is an ongoing conversation about whether or not you should ask for permission to go on the beach.

While the answer depends on the situation, it is important to remember that a person’s right to privacy is guaranteed in public places.

It is important that you use common sense when interacting with other people and being a good person in public.


Wear appropriate sunscreen When it comes to sunscreen, make a conscious effort to wear the right shade and avoid wearing a lot of it.

Even if it’s raining, don’t go swimming naked in the ocean.


Wear loose clothing You should consider wearing loose clothing while on the water when it’s possible.

This includes clothes like sandals, yoga pants, and sandals with straps.

It should also include long pants and a shirt that covers your butt.


Dress appropriately It is not uncommon for people to be shirtless or naked in public, but it is also common for a person to be in a bikini.

When wearing a bikini it’s important to wear your swim trunks in a comfortable manner.

When swimming, it´s best to wear long underwear and avoid getting wet.


Don`t leave your shoes behind You should avoid leaving your shoes and bathing suits behind while on a beach.

This can be especially important when walking along a beach or in the city.


Avoid leaving your phone behind If you have your phone with you when going topless and need to call someone to take a selfie, take a picture of your phone before you take off your bikini and make sure it’s visible.

You may be surprised to find out that most people who go nude in public still have their phones with them.


Know your surroundings When it’s your turn to go to a nude beach, it may be important to stay aware of what’s going on around you.

If you are alone and someone approaches you, it might be best to make a point of keeping to yourself and staying to your right.


Know what’s expected If you plan on going to the bathroom or changing into a bikini that you don´t plan on changing into, make yourself visible and not get in the way of anyone.


Dress modestly If you´re going to go nude, you may want to avoid revealing your breasts, but don´’t dress too revealing.


Be mindful of others When it is your turn, respect others and stay out of sight.


Don�t be a jerk Don’t be a dick about it, or else you’ll just be viewed as a jerk.


Take a break If you need to get some fresh air, go swimming or a short walk or exercise, but be careful not to go completely nude in the middle of the water or you may cause more damage to the water than good.


Wear good shoes If you go nude and want to stay clothed, you’re not alone.

Other people have done it before you, and it can be helpful to have a few extra pairs of shoes to wear with you.


Don\’t let anyone take pictures of you if you are nude 1.

Dress sensibly and be respectful 2.

Wear long underwear, don´ t wear a bikini 3


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