• July 28, 2021

When the internet finally stopped giving you your privacy back

Now Playing: New iPhone features new security feature to keep your iPhone secure while in transitNow Playing: Apple launches new iPad Air 2 with bigger screen, sharper camera and faster processorsNow Playing : Samsung Galaxy S6 hits store shelves with the best price on AndroidNow Playing:”What it’s like to live on Mars” on the Red PlanetNow Playing”What it is like to be a woman on MarsNow PlayingWhat it takes to live in space on the International Space StationNow Playing”: A look back at how astronauts have gone about living on the space stationNow PlayingA look back on NASA’s Apollo program: How it went from space station to MarsNow Play: NASA’s first astronaut to die in space: What it’s really like to do thatNow PlayingIn this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Andrea is joined by her ex-husband to discuss her relationship, the pressures of being a wife, and how she’s been working on her cooking skills.

Now PlayingThe Real Housewife of New York City is reuniting with her ex for a special reunion episode of the showNow PlayingLucky Charms’ Ben Garlick’s latest perfume is on the marketNow PlayingWill the future hold the key to finding a cure for cancer?

Now PlayingThis is what happens when you’re born with a condition that’s hard to understandNow PlayingWho would you like to marry?

Now Play: Former Housewives star Andrea Barber reveals why she’s in a relationship with former husbandBen Garlack on how he feels about the reality star’s relationship with his ex-wife.


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