• July 26, 2021

What is the Australian equivalent of an online blacklist?

The online blacklisting of content on YouTube and YouTube Red has gone live in Australia.

The move follows a similar one in the United Kingdom where similar content filters were rolled out in April.

The new system was implemented on a voluntary basis in response to concerns raised by users, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said in a statement.

“YouTube’s system for controlling the content it allows people to view is complex and its effectiveness is uncertain,” the commission said.

YouTube said it would provide users with a link to the YouTube Red site and a list of the most banned videos and channels.

“We’re working hard to make sure YouTube remains a great place for everyone to find great content,” YouTube spokesperson Scott Brown said in the statement.

YouTube has also introduced a new feature to show you the most popular videos and other content from each country on the site.

A new feature allows you to filter out content on the web The new features have been rolled out on a trial basis and will be rolled out nationwide on Monday.

Users in Australia can only be told to leave YouTube if they “flag” certain content.

Users can flag up the content in a “flag-happy” mode and it will then appear in the top left of the video page for you to choose whether or not to remove it.

The filter is meant to help people “see” which content is problematic for them.

But some users have said it is also being used as a way to censor content.

It’s a big problem for Australian kids and the Australian Government should ban this filter to help stop child abuse https://t.co/wjfh8h6Q1Y via @YouTube — Jodie Taylor (@jodietaylor) February 16, 2021 A spokesperson for YouTube said the new system had been rolled into the site in Australia “in response to our customers’ concerns”.

The filter was implemented in response “to the fact that a significant number of people were flagging inappropriate content,” the spokesperson said.

“This filter is aimed at helping people see what they’re doing is inappropriate.”

YouTube said a large number of its videos were flagged in the past year and the company had identified some of the videos as “problematic”.

“YouTube is working hard every day to ensure that YouTube remains the place where kids can find great, relevant content, and this is the first step towards that goal,” the company said.


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