• July 14, 2021

AUBREY VIDEOS is a new video site in the bing-video business

AUBRESSEY VIDEOS was launched in December 2014 as a bing video-sharing site.

The site, which is now defunct, allowed people to upload video clips to BING and download them.

The bing version of the site had a feature called “video playback,” where people could record videos and upload them to Bing, where they could be played on other sites.

The company’s founders, Aubrey Cox and Jason Davenport, have since retired, and the site has since struggled with traffic and advertising revenues.

BING is currently down to about one million users per month.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Aubreys daughter, Aubree Le, said the site was “not the future of streaming,” and that “we want to make it the future, not the future.”

Aubree was in New York on Thursday to speak at the TED Conference.

Aubrey also said he was planning to donate his company to the National Institutes of Health.

AUB REEYSON: It’s going to be a nonprofit, and I’m going to donate my shares of Aubrey’s company to that.

And he said that he had a few ideas about how to use the money.

I’ll tell you what, he said.

I have an idea for a good thing to do.

He said, “I’d like to donate Aubrey a percentage of the profits of the company.”

Aubrey said that one of the biggest challenges with Aubrey VIDEOS was that it was “in the early days.”

“It’s been an extremely hard journey.

It’s been a lot of hard work,” he said, adding that the site “wasn’t designed for the internet age.”

Aubreiy has also launched a new business called BINGTV, which lets people watch videos on YouTube and other video platforms.

He says that he “wanted to give people the power to be creative and share their content” on BING.

Aubreys business has also taken off, with some investors paying for Aubrey to speak on a TED talk in February.

Aubrey and Aubree also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in May and in September.

Aubree says that the TED talk was a “tremendous honor,” and he was able to “explore the value of a video, to have a dialogue about it, and share with the world the beauty of the internet.”


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