• May 25, 2021

How to Write a Blogging Blog about Sex: Part 2

How to write a blog about sex.

You need to write about sex in a way that gets to the heart of what sex is.

Here’s how.1.

Make the topic about something that’s real: A lot of sex is about a lot of things, but the most important thing to discuss is about sex itself.

The best blog posts are about sex, but they’re often not about sex at all.

And this is where it starts to get tricky.

Sex is not an abstract idea, or even a vague idea, like a metaphor or a dream.

The idea is that you have sex with someone and then you do it again.

And the sex itself is the very act of doing it.

Sex is the act of having sex.

Sex itself is an act.

You don’t have to do it.

You can do it with someone, or with yourself, or you can do the act with your spouse or a close friend.

Sex itself is a real event, not a theoretical notion.2.

Give the readers a reason to care: If sex is real, why is it that people are always talking about it?

Is it that sex is bad?

Is sex the best form of love?

Or does sex always get a bad rap?

And what do the statistics say about sex?3.

Give readers a way to know what you’re doing: People care about sex and people care about everything.

They want to know if you’re good at sex.

And when you write a sex blog post, you can give them a reason not to trust you.

If you don’t give them reasons to trust your blog, they’ll never check you out.4.

Keep the sex part to yourself: Even if you write sex-themed blog posts, make sure they’re not about a sex thing, and keep it to yourself.

If someone has sex with you, you’re not doing it because you want to talk about sex with them.

You’re doing it for yourself.5.

Avoid the jargon: If you’re a blogger and you’re making a sex-related post, make it clear that you’re writing about sex not about any sex thing at all, and that you don, too, write about love, sex, sex-based issues, sex toys, or sex toys.


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